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Top Design Trends in 2024

As 2024 unfolds, design melds nostalgia with fresh innovation, reshaping brand communication. We’ll explore key trends from retro pixel art to bold surreal forms, each transforming visual engagement. Dive into these vibrant trends with us, showcasing the future of design that captivates and inspires.

01. Pixels Rediscovered

This trend revisits the early internet era, blending retro pixel elements with modern high-quality graphics. It’s a nostalgic nod that integrates old-school charm with contemporary aesthetics.

02. Handmade Illustrations and Doodles

Emphasising a human touch, this trend features hand-drawn elements that convey fun and emotional connections, often paired with handwritten fonts or illustrations.

03. Reeded Glass Effect

This style combines simple compositions with retro colour palettes, creating elegant and understated designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

04. AI-Assisted Art

The integration of artificial intelligence tools has become a transformative force, shaping the way designers conceive and execute their creations in 2024. The result is not a replacement of human ingenuity but a symbiotic relationship where the use of algorithms enhances and amplifies the creative capacities of designers. In 2024, AI becomes an indispensable tool, propelling the graphic design landscape into a new era of efficiency, personalisation, and collaborative innovation.

An algorithm has usurped the traditional role of a designer to generate millions of unique packaging designs for Nutella. The algorithm pulled from a database of dozens of patterns and colours to create seven million different versions of Nutella’s graphic identity, which have been splashed across the front of jars in Italy.

05. Vibrance

These vibrant graphics quickly draw in viewers with their striking colour contrasts. Perfect for social media, posters and ads, these designs will continue to dominate in 2024 as designers leverage intensely saturated colours to capture attention and distinguish their work.