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The Challenge

Iceland needed a new brand creating for a range of natural, environmentally friendly and kid-friendly frozen meals. Giving kids the healthy diets they need is hard, so Iceland wanted to make it easier for parents with a new range of freshly-made ready meals. They had the proposition all ready to go, but they needed a super brand to bring it all together.

The Result

Hungry Heroes, a frozen food range with ‘no added baddies’, meaning no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours and no added sugar. This name set the tone for the entire brand, which was taken from concept to full roll-out. The identity has a naturally playful, handmade feel with a super-hero-like banner highlighting the Heroes wording. Each flavour variant has additional child-like flourishes and hero-related lead-in words (“might”, “marvellous”) to add more brand identity and playfulness to the overall pack design. Additionally each meal solution has its own brand ident colourway, for easy navigation between food categories.

Alternative Propositions

Throughout the initial stages there were a number of propositions featuring alternative brand names and pack designs. The below was a client favourite as it really helped to show the kids in situation at the table, playfully enjoying the healthy meals.

ClientIcelandAgencyChilliRoleCreative Direction, Branding, Packaging Design, Illustration, Name GenerationShare