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The Challenge

Mr. Freeze Ice Lollies aimed to revolutionise their brand for a new era. With a focus on recapturing the hearts of kids, the challenge extended to creating a packaging design that would stand out and appeal to families as an after-school treat, while also highlighting the brand’s commitment to quality and natural ingredients.

The Result

A complete reimagining of Mr. Freeze Ice Lollies. The brand mascot was meticulously redesigned from the ground up, infused with charm and approachability. Set against a textured frosty landscape, he now inhabits a vibrant world on pack, his scarf flowing elegantly to display the flavour variant of each ice lolly.

Highlighting the pack’s unique selling points, such as the use of real fruit juice, ensures that Mr. Freeze Ice Lollies are not only delicious but also a wholesome choice for after-school treats. With natural colours and flavours, the brand delivers a refreshing experience that parents can trust.

The design aimed not only to captivate children but also to engage them with fun and educational content. Brrrrrilliant “Frosty Facts” were introduced on the side of the pack, offering interesting facts to entertain and inform.

This revitalised brand identity not only recaptures the imagination of children but also reinforces Mr. Freeze’s position as a trusted and beloved choice for families seeking wholesome refreshment.

ClientMr. FreezeAgencyChilliRoleCreative Direction, Branding, Packaging Design, IllustrationShare